5 Key Trucking Industry Trends (2022-2025)

Change is the golden rule of nature. Anything worth subsisting has to abide by this rule. Adapting to new circumstances and evolving to successfully face challenges that arise every next day is crucial for any thriving industry. With the emergence of new technologies, the worsening of the global climate crisis, and more, the trucking industry is set to experiment with different approaches in the coming few years.    Given this context, here are five key trucking industry trends that you need to look out for starting this year!    

Trend Number #1 - Autonomous Vehicles

  Self-driving vehicles are no longer a thing of the utopian future, people! They are here and are ready to revolutionize our cities, safety measures, and transportation systems.   With companies like Tesla and Google (Waymo) investing in and experimenting with them, autonomous vehicles are here to stay. And it’s not just automobiles, several companies in the freight industry are dabbling with this new evolution.    TuSimple is one such company that is working to develop autonomous trucks. They are currently collaborating with UPS to conduct test operations in Arizona and Texas. While presently they still have drivers behind their wheels, TuSimple is planning to sell its autonomous trucks by 2024.       5 Key Trucking Industry Trends      

Trend Number #2 - Major Workforce Shifts In The Trucking Sector

  In 2021 alone, the trucking industry incurred a record loss of 80,000 drivers. The causes for this are many, from long solitary work hours to low wages and unreasonable targets.    However, this loss has made one thing clear. If the trucking industry is to sustain itself, then it is to make some major shifts in the way it approaches its drivers. The American Trucking Associations has recommended several strategies (efforts) to combat this issue. This includes increasing drivers’ pay, better supply chain management, decreasing the time spent on the road for the drivers, and more.       5 Key Trucking Industry Trends      

Trend Number #3 - Next Generation GPS Services

  GPS services are not exactly the newest invention on the technological front. However, the new updated features rising in this zone have attracted well-deserved attention from the transportation industry.    While in the past, GPS services were just able to track mileage, estimate the time of arrival, and point us in the right direction, now they are doing so much more. The new GPS models, along with their old functions, can analyze the weather, traffic reports, and road conditions. Based on that analysis, the model then gives you the ultimate best route for your trip!  

Trend Number #4 - Reliance on Digital Optimization

  Transportation optimization is analyzing data to identify areas of waste, overlap, etc, to reduce overall freight spending and achieve higher efficiencies across whole transportation networks.   Trucking industry professionals have been relying on data analytics to examine, analyze, and interpret the load plans of all shipments. This ensures that they make informed, fact-based decisions on issues like rates, constraints on the road, suppliers to get, other logistical requirements, and more.    All of these analytics used to be done manually before. But now, there’s a new trend in the industry - Digital Optimization! This process is as simple as running a variety of scenarios through an “optimization program”, which then gives you multiple alternative execution plans to get the best results possible.        5 Key Trucking Industry Trends      

Trend Number #5 - Trucking Is Going Green!

  Climate change is now more prominent than ever. As a result, sustainability is now no longer just an option. It has become a necessity.    The trucking industry is a fossil-fuel-heavy industry, relying steadily on gas and diesel. It is one of the major contributors to the current climate crisis. Additionally, the environmental changes resulting because of this crisis, weigh heavily on the drivers who are then left to navigate unstable weather‌, temperatures, and more.    Keeping in mind all of this, it is crucial that the trucking industry takes steps towards environmental responsibility. There has already been some progress in this area, with companies like Tesla trying to ‌make trucks run on alternative green power sources (like electricity, solar power, etc.,). Even the US Government is investing more and more in trying to develop better sustainable techniques for freight transportation.   

Conclusion -

  As established in the beginning, change is inevitable. You want to sustain; you gotta roll with the dice. And that’s exactly what the transportation industry is doing.    The above five are some of the interesting trends entering the industry. A lot more will emerge soon. However, keep an eye out for these five, will you?    Visit our website to learn more about freight trends and management.