6 Checks for Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Your Truck

Being a truck driver means hauling seemingly endless miles on the road, across all terrains, and through all weathers. It means making multiple such trips, often lasting for hours and days together, and pushing hard to meet the deadlines given.    During such testing times, the worst thing that could happen to you is for your truck to break down. For it to let you down. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You could just avoid this entire scenario altogether if you take a couple of precautionary measures.    These include regular check-ups and maintenance of your truck. For the work that you do, it is crucial that your truck remains in good condition at all times. You could ensure this by performing these 6 checks on your darling truck as consistently as possible.  

Check Number #1 - Tires

    6 Checks for Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Your Truck     Tires are pretty much quintessential with trucks. The latter is useless without the former. So when performing routine checks, the first item we need to inspect is the tires.    For their best performance, these tires need to be inflated to the exact psi measurement recommended by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Anything lesser or higher than that and we run a huge chance of the tires failing. Either from extreme heat or just general wear and tear.   As a truck driver or a supervisor, you also need to be mindful of the various potential causes of tire damage. You must keep a check on your tire’s tread depth and take measures as necessary. The truck tires support extreme weights every day. So keeping them fit and sturdy is really just common sense at this point.   

Check Number #2 - Electrical Systems

  Given how much we use the electronics present in our trucks, it’s only natural that they eventually end up in a state of disrepair. And therefore, our electrical systems should be closely monitored.    They should be frequently checked upon, and whenever the need is immediately fixed. Whether the alternator’s broken or the wiring’s compromised, they should be dealt with most agility possible.  

Check Number #3 - Cooling System

    6 Checks for Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Your Truck     Truck engines, as a common rule, generate a lot of heat. I mean, can you blame them? They frequently carry some of the heaviest loads on the road and cover a great magnitude of distances at a single stretch. Add to that the adverse weather conditions and the treacherous roads they might face, and you’ve got yourself an engine performing one of the most laborious tasks on this planet.    So it’s really not a surprise that our trucks heat up. And that’s why we’ve got cooling systems. These things soak away the heat generated by the engine and prevent any reckless damage from taking place. They allow and assist in the proper functioning of the engine. Without them, our engine might overheat or cause multiple other issues. Hence, regular maintenance of the engine cooling system is a must.   

Check Number #4 - Air Conditioning

  Driving in the middle of nowhere for hours, directly under the hot sun, calls for a lot of cool air. And that’s why trucks have air conditioners!    But having an air conditioning system in your truck does require a lot of maintenance. You need to regularly check for freon leaks or any other type of residue that your system will inevitably leave behind. If you let them collect and build up in your engine, chances are you will see them messing with the rest of your truck soon.   

Check Number #5 - Belts and Hoses

    6 Checks for Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Your Truck     Belts and hoses, though minute, when compared to the other parts, are crucial and necessary for the safe and smooth functioning of the truck.    Therefore, they need regular inspection and maintenance too. Checking up on these parts is pretty easy.    While inspecting the belts, make sure that they have proper tension and do not have any cracks in them. While inspecting the hoses, check for any leaking or sponge-like feeling when you squeeze them. If either ‌of these is present, then it means that the hose is internally deteriorating and needs immediate replacement.  

Check Number #6 - Battery

  For the truck to do its job well, it needs to have a dependable battery. But, because of the amount of heat our batteries often get exposed to, chances are they will ‌corrode at some point.    The heat might be because of an external factor like the sun, or maybe because of an internal factor like an overheated engine. But whatever the reason is, exposure to such heat might cause the batteries to corrode or form sulfite crystals inside them. Neither of which is a good thing for your truck.    Therefore, keep a regular check on your batteries and take measures to stop them from deteriorating.   

Conclusion - 

    6 Checks for Safe and Efficient Maintenance of Your Truck     Nobody can guarantee a hundred percent safety and efficiency while you are out there on the road. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prevent the chances of something going wrong.    These six checks will help you keep your truck in a prim and proper condition, and help you wield your vehicle to its maximum capacity. So make sure not to neglect or ignore them. Prevention is always better than cure, ain’t it?   Leave us a reply and let us know if we missed something. And don’t forget to visit our website for more such insightful articles!