A detailed guide to Tech360’s MyFleet services- Part 2!

Dispatch System Features

A dispatch management system is an extensive program developed to manage your business better, giving you the ability to control everything from customer account management to driver management and even affiliate networks. You can expect more than just basic features offered by no other business out there. We would like you to understand the Dispatch management system (DMS). Still, it's so vast, which is not easy to explain in brief, and for that reason, there will be one more blog coming where we would like to talk about DMS in detail.

Affiliate Management (MyFleet Transport Services Manager)

Because of our discrete and independence as an agnostic technology partner, retail and transportation operators may collaborate openly and transparently. Our technology increases financial flexibility. Choose iVcardo to handle the distribution and monitoring of taxi, limo, and coach jobs to your chosen partners in the supply chain and build your booming ground transportation solution on solid foundations. We are offering you a complete virtualized fleet solution. You connect to thousands of ground transportation operators using the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud technology platform.
Plug & Play Supply Chain SolutionMyFleet provides a plug-and-play virtual fleet solution to TMCs, OTAs, DMCs, and large companies.
Flexible Rate ManagementUse typical operator rates, including any volume discounts that may be available.
Live Pricing & PromotionsAccess real-time price info from all transportation providers. Create a sales strategy centered on operator promotions to maximize sales and ROI.
TraceabilityComplete transaction audit trail and service transparency enable the extensive study of service usage, efficiency, and compliance indicators down to journey-specific information as needed.
Driver SelectionAlthough the operator coordinates driver subscriptions, partners can choose drivers of their choice based on performance.
Travel Policy ComplianceEstablish detailed travel policies for employees, managers, and directors as well. We demonstrate compliance by implementing consistent policies across all participating transportation providers.
Multi-Currency SupportMyFleet allows multi-currency transactions, allowing consumers to buy overseas transportation services in their own currency.
Import Existing OperatorsWe make it easier to migrate external operators, allowing clients to centralize order processing and billing.
Performance ReportsDetailed performance records, including hand-backs, late deliveries, and deviations, are validated against other operators and drivers.
Encryption & SecurityMyFleet does not save any credit card information. All customer data is secured and stored on Microsoft's award-winning Azure software suite.

White Label Passenger Taxi App

Your customers can now book immediately from their smartphones. Save your dispatchers time and never miss another booking. Passengers can select their pick-up location with a single click or enter the address manually. Following the establishment of a drop-off point, passengers can obtain a price for the travel based on your billing tariffs and even monitor their driver's expected arrival time. We offer you:
  • Clean, modern design
  • New booking channel
  • Supports true corporate booking functionality
  • Supports card payments through multiple gateway providers
  • On-demand and pre-booked
  • Multiple languages
  • Completely white-label
  • iPhone and Android
Venue AppLike the passenger app mentioned above, our venue app is designed to be placed on hotel reception or big events, allowing guests to schedule rides comfortably.
Find My RideA simple smartphone app that notifies passengers of their driver and vehicle info and the expected arrival time based on real-time live traffic, and then shows that information on a map—excellent travelers who are waiting for a shuttle service.

API Connectivity

Our API is among the most robust and versatile available today. Our goal is for the technology developed by our team to be the beginning of something significant. The opportunities are endless. How you want to utilize the software is entirely up to you.
Open APIs: Connect to any software, booking app, website, or CRMOur APIs can link to any other platform, such as an online booking service, CRM, database, or quotation website.
GitHubOur wiki is continually receiving updates to reflect new features that we build. You can access technical documentation on GitHub to learn more about our API.
Passenger APIThe beauty of choosing our API is that you may personalize it to your liking. Also, our passenger API includes all you need to get pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as passenger info.
Fleet APIBecause we've opened up our full-featured dispatch solution, anyone — not just fleets – can engage with MyFleet. With the stroke of a button, hotel receptionists may book a cab for guests. Railway companies and airlines may connect the platform into their own platforms, allowing travelers to schedule a cab to pick them up, so they are not stuck when they arrive.
White LabelOur PHP website and booking apps are white-label solutions that may be customized to fit your brand. You can easily incorporate your current payment platform into the booking website and apps.
CTA:MyFleet allows you to efficiently better manage your fleet! This is what we believe; let us know what your views are.