MyFleet features Part 1!

What Tech360's MyFleet has to offer.

MyFleet is an exchange where transport providers may actively trade with businesses and other operators, allowing them to organize their fleets and provide higher customer service. The fleet management platform is a simple subscription-based approach that eliminates entry hurdles and allows smaller professional operators to compete at a much higher level.
My Fleet Features includes:-
  1. Automated Dispatch System Overview
  2. Booking, Dispatch & Operations Manager
  3. Online Booking System
  4. Global Driver App
  5. Dispatch System Features
  6. Affiliate Management
  7. White Label Passenger Taxi App
  8. API Connectivity

Automated Dispatch System Overview

Our booking and dispatch system is intended to serve as the foundation of any business. Accept bookings over the phone, through a booking website, or via mobile apps, and auto-dispatch to the nearest driver as soon as possible. MyFleet is a straightforward application for fleet managers to handle their reservations and drivers.
Smart Bookings ListEach of your bookings has a color-coded status so you can know at a glance whether it’s inbound, in progress, or completed. You can create a date filter to see the reservations you wish to see here, as well as shortcuts for rapid editing. Historical bookings get saved indefinitely, allowing you to compile a record of all transactions at any time.
Easy Booking ProcessWe have developed the booking form to make each step simple. You can enter specific info for complex or straightforward bookings here. Dispatchers use this form to enter jobs received over the phone or via email. You can either auto-dispatch the request or save it from being dispatched later.
Fixed-Rate Zone To Zone PricingUsing our interactive map, we can draw plots (or zones) where a customs pricing tax will apply. Drag and drop the points to form a polygon and name it whatever you want. Our fee calculators are highly advanced and customizable, allowing you to configure the dispatch system to suit your revenue model precisely.
Fast Auto-DispatchThe days of guessing the placement of all your drivers are over. We’ve created intelligent auto dispatch algorithms that take care of all the tedious work for you.

Booking, Dispatch & Operations Manager

Our technology is more than simply a booking and dispatch system; it opens up a world of possibilities for enterprising transportation providers. Our cloud-based platform has all the necessary functions, such as reservation forms, invoicing, auto-dispatch, and an integrated driver app, but it also goes much further. We provide new commercial opportunities, ranging from corporate and travel sector booking interfaces to networking solutions that assist you in distributing and managing outsourced activities.
Best For DispatchersSet the dispatch engine to run automatically and watch as it assigns jobs to the best vehicle based on any number of predefined criteria.
Best For DriversDrivers receive tasks straight to their phone or tablet, ride status is updated immediately via geofencing, and the driver has the choice to delay the update.
MyFleet Driver Management FeaturesAll of the basic features you would expect to manage drivers effectively:
  • Driver Facial Recognition
  • Driver Rating
  • Permits & Document Handler
  • Range of Options to Produce Pay Runs
  • Multilingual
MyFleet Account Management FeaturesAll of the basic features you’d expect for good account management, plus more-
  • Account Grading
  • Account Users
  • Service Type Control
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Account Communications
  • Multilingual

Online Booking System

Our booking engine adheres to the most current design standards while allowing you to personalize each page to your specific requirements. Your website, complete with your logo, design colors, vehicle photographs, and, of course, bespoke pricing! Our expertise can have you up - and - running with your B2C or B2B e-commerce online booking system, payment gateway, and booking management portal in just five working days. Everything you need, we got you!
Booking Features Include:
  • Fully customizable CSS
  • Online payment gateway to enable e-commerce
  • Flight validation at time of booking and tracking when executed
  • Client login for amending booked rides
  • Ability to add bespoke chargeable extras to each vehicle type, ski’s, baby seat, for example
In addition to our B2C web booker, we provide a B2B corporate booking portal to which you may grant access to your business clients for them to book and handle complex rides. It comes with a robust rule engine and a reporting engine.  

Global Driver App

MyFleet one-app is fantastic for receiving and managing bookings from the passenger app or your dispatch crew. It’s quick, dependable, and easy to use. You’ve come to the right platform if you’re looking for a taxi app for drivers.
Sound NotificationsTo ensure you don’t miss any bookings, we’ve incorporated sound alerts that will notify you the moment one arrives.
Quick Message TemplateThe driver app has a variety of message templates that you can adjust and customize. Drivers can also compose their messages, saving time and keeping personnel on the phones busy.
Your ProfileLet’s add a photo to your driver profile, which passengers share via SMS or email to know who you are.
UpdatesYou’ll get a free, immediate update to your app whenever a new addition in features.
Multi-languageOur app is multilingual, allowing everyone to understand it better and in their language.
If you think this is it, then you might be wrong. Stay tuned to read the second part of this blog and learn more about MyFleet.