MyReferrals increase your network and optimize client referrals.

Asking for referrals from every customer requires high discipline and time management. Imagine having this problem solved with intuitive atomization while avoiding awkward face-to-face requests.

MyReferrals help you fix this dilemma and reach your client network with no obstacles. Each customer you have has contacts who can be a potential new lead for you. Missing this opportunity would be a great loss, and you might lose thousands of prospects to your competition.

How it works

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Ask for referrals

Unlike a usual autoresponder, MyReferrals will reach out to your current customers and ask them for referrals. It will take out the guesswork from your clients and automate emails from them to their network. From there, the client responses will come straight back to your system as new leads.

  • Automate emails
  • Generate new leads
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Client follow up

Automated emails are sent out both to your current clients and new referrals with a “Thank You” note and new offers of your choice. All of this happens automatically behind the scenes, with no human workforce.

  • Automated emails
  • Without human interface
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Why Automate Your Refferal System?

91% Of Customers Would Refer Others If Asked, Yet Fewer Than 11% Of Professionals Ask For Refferals

Professionals Who Actively Seek Out And Exploit Referrals Earn 4-5 Times More Than Those Who Don't

Referrals Are 400% More Likely To Convert To Clients As Compared To Other Lead Sources

Most Professionals Struggle With The 5 Key Behaviors Of Referral Success (Ask, Motivate, Introduction, Referral Interest, Generate Meeting Requests)

Features to define your business


Easy Setup

Setting up the system and integrating it with your current database could not be any easier. With just a couple of clicks, you and your team can upload all your contacts and start customizing your emails.

Customizable Templates

MyReferrals take the guesswork out of the process and provide you with various templates that are easy to customize. Add your signature, disclaimers, relevant links, and your brand voice to ensure that the email comes directly from you.
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Set It And Forget It

Once you’ve customized your emails, choose the email settings such as frequency and the incentive. Now you can sit back and let MyReferrals do the rest!