The only review system designed by industry experts

MyReviews is a cloud-based full-service passenger feedback management system. It’s a solution that helps you collect, manage, and benefit from your client’s experience.

Through MyReviews, your customers get custom surveys, we analyze their responses in real-time and deliver you the information and metrics that you can use to monitor your operations and service levels.

Being integrated with Levry Coaches, MyReviews will enable you to automate your emails and other communication at pre-defined times. Ride data is being pulled from your system and utilized to establish premier communication with your passengers.

Are your happy customer praising you online? And how are you handling the negative feedback that is inevitable now and then? In just a few easy steps, you can make use of all the benefits MyReviews brings to your online image. Start creating the social proof your company needs.

What can MyReviews do for you?

Ask for a review

Ask for a review

Your customers receive a text or email asking them to complete a short survey about your company.

  • Feedback via text
  • Feedback via email
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Get the result

Get the results

If clients rate your service on a 5-star scale you get it straight away. Reviews those are less than 5-star get sent to you automatically to review.

  • High scale review Instantly
  • Filtration of every review
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Act accordingly

Act accordingly

Inevitable is now evitable, Respond to your clients’ negative reviews, repair your brand reputation, and never miss a valuable customer again.

  • High scale review Instantly
  • Review negative feedbacks
  • Inevitable is evitable
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Improve Your Online Image

Improve your online image

Your online image is in your hand now, you can do everything to elevate your brand identity. Track performance, improve local search engine rankings, enhance your brand reputation, drive sales.

  • Track performance
  • Enhance your brand reputation
  • Drive sales
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How my review is different from other feedback platforms?


Social media integration

We recognize that the passenger survey is much more than just collecting feedback from your clients. Our software is equipped with various tools to evaluate individual responses and offer direct communication channels. During any particular survey, the wording of responses is based on your customer replies making the experience more personal both for them and for you.
Market Research

Market research technology

Our passenger satisfaction surveys are built on more than 30 years of experience in marketing and technology throughout the travel and transportation industry. Our trackable metrics are designed to give you accountable and actionable information in real-time. We know what features work best for various devices and have integrated them into our design, creating a hassle-free system for you and your passengers.

Sleek and intuitive design

You can have the best software in the world. But if it lacks a clean and responsive design that is easy to use, it becomes worthless. Our web design team has made sure the software is accessible from all devices that your customers might use. We also give you a chance to customise it to your brand image and ensure a professional and aligned look throughout all your systems.

Customer Lifetime Value Score

The Lifetime Value Score is a single metric that helps you to identify the most important drivers of loyalty. It helps you to find your most loyal customers and pinpoint the likelihood that they will recommend your business, return to you next time that require the service, and whether or not you’re meeting their expectations.