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Who we are?

Tech360 is a B2B MaaS solution where demand for ground transportation is connected with quality assured operators. MyFleet is the first open global ground dispatch platform that connects global demand with global supply.

How we work?

We provide a world class suite of products to manage your own rides and accept rides from partners across the globe.

What we do?

Tech360 connects retailers of transport services with transport operators globally.

Why choose us?

The ability to scale organically has never been so readily available. Let Tech360 help you grow as we introduce you to partner after partner. So if you want to scale, automate your business, and work with world leading partners, signup now.

What does it cost?

In most cases the cost can be net zero to receive rides from partners, to use our dispatch system for your own bookings is a simple subscription per driver. Charges apply to our suite of addons, white label passenger app, B2C and B2B web bookers, and our venue app for hotels and larger venues.